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David don\'t dump volumizer/thickener forum


The froum has done nothing to harm you so what is the problem with leaving the forum for those of us who do have an interest in the forum. I have a strong interest. I will get things going stronger in the forum as soon as I get well. I have been diagnosed with severe sinusitus and bronchitis. My doctors are also saying I’m on the verge of pneumonia. I’m pretty sick right now.

I had already started communicating with EXPENSIVE local salons to try to find the absolute best volumizer and thickeners. Some were agreeable to the idea of me taking small samples of their best products home for testing.

I had already started communicating by email (and sent some handwritten letters) to various companies about new products coming for thickening and volumizing.

But I have been so sick that I have not even checked my mail at the post office. I have received some emails from companies telling me about future plans for volumizers and thickeners. None of the emails WOWED me but all of the emails from all the companies I sent emails to did talk about ongoing R&D. The only problem is that the emails weren’t very revealing because the companies want to keep their secrets. I would like some time to be able to go back and forth with them by email some more.

But right now I’m just too sick. Please don’t get rid of the forum just yet. If someone doesn’t like the forum just tell them to please stay out of the forum. I have no objections to that same person (who is right now complaining about the existance of the forum) coming back later when i start posting more useful info.

Just please don’t get rid of the forum yet because i am trying to develop useful info, and even as I am trying to develop useful information I am also posting little tidbits for people to look at if they want to look at something while I am developing more useful info.

Again, for the people who don’t like the forum just tell them to ignore it if that is their choice. They should not have the right to get the forum eliminated just because they aren’t interested in it. They can just ignore the forum and those of us who want the forum can use it. It will contain better knowledge down the road as I start doing the testing and as I communicate more and more with these companies.


I agree. We need to keep this. I love to come here and read what Maneless says to himself each and every day. This particular area is so heavily visited I don’t know how Maneless keeps up with all the questions from other people. I vote yes to keeping the volumizer/thickener forum and I urge/beg everyone to vote yes as well.

The following post was paid for by Maneless.