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Damn minoxidil itch

After just one application, I’ve given up (temporarily). Its far too itchy to continue. Within an hour or so of application in the morning it was itching so I put emu oil on, which didnt seem to do much. The itch continued through the day and night. The next day it had alleviated a bit, but that night before bed I applied emu oil to make sure I got a good sleep. The itch had pretty much gone but when I woke up, my forehead/hairline was red like a sunburn (my scalp was fine).

Anyone had similar experience on minoxidil? The product itself is Hair a gain, which from what I can tell is the same as rogaine (Minox 5%). Anyone heard good/bad stuff about this product?

Also Im guessing maybe my scalp is extra sensitive/unhealthy. What can be done to improve scalp health?

Lastly if I am having a reaction to emu oil, what would be the next anti-itch product to try?


The itch is quite common, but should not be to the point of major discomfort. You may be allergic to either minoxidil (doubtful) or propylene glycol. How much did you pay for it? I did a quick search and came up with prices around $90 for 4 bottles. You can get the same thing (Kirkland brand) for about $26 for SIX bottles.

Yeah it was $90 for 4 plus a bonus month. At this point Im not that concerned about the price though. But if (and thats a big if) I keep on with the product, I will definately hunt down Kirkland.

So if the itch is so common, is there a common solution? Ive heard there are minoxidil with anti itch addatives, are these generally considered as effective?

The scalp itch, redness and flaking are short term effects. They disappear once your body gets adjusted to minoxidil.

» The scalp itch, redness and flaking are short term effects. They disappear
» once your body gets adjusted to minoxidil.

Not for me, the itch actully got worse the longer I use it. I suggest Rogaine foam or Remox, have no itch with either. If you are going to use Rogaine foam, use the unscented one.

Like Jtelecom said, it does sound like you’re sensitive or allergic to something in it, and most likely it’s the propylene glycol. I strongly recommend that you get a version without PG. I believe Dr. Lee sells one that uses glycerin instead, although I’m sure it’s also more expensive.


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