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Cut the scalp into strips then fues later body hair transplants now smp?

First cut the donor scalp into strips then fues all around later
going for body hair transplant now doing scalp pigmentation?

Hi there
i did it all
now thinking
about new SMP

Hmm already did some hair points and shadow tattoos in 2002
the lady used semi permanent make up in 3 sessions hmmm
in september 2002 i showed my results to Dr. Rassman
at Pico Boulevard Clinic today he is on Wilshire
doing SMP done by Jae Pak MD yeah prices from
3000 US Dollar up to 10.000 Dollars oho #business
but in 2005 my hair dots where fading into hair POINTS
they turned bleu and the shadow little red so now i’m going
for permanent style if because still not sure doing it or not
In the UK it’s 2500 pounds for a headstyle or his hair but
don’t like the hairlines and colors hmm where to go ???

The best tattoo artist i know is Ouan from Pattaya…
Who is the best for this hair ink hmm the make up artists
maybe like Pakman a doc for hair transplants or who = #expert

My first sessions(2002) i did in Köln and Düsseldorf
my scar was removed with a tricostrip in 2006
my hair friend also with ht still having the
stripscar but the colors or colours are gone…

Must or need to see some real people with hair ink
looking for top #scalppigmentations on Harley Street
do anyone know some top smp hair models i must go see

SMP City today must be LONDON in the future maybe Pattaya(200x tattoo studio)!

I’m going for my permanent scalp micro pigmentation to Pattaya/Thailand in 2014

I believe in a top result by Ouan Hair Ink http://www.ouantattoopattaya.com/

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