Crown restoraiton with Dr. Baubac - LIVE VIDEO

Crown restoration with Dr. Baubac - LIVE VIDEO

Probably wouldn’t hurt to reveal how many grafts were implanted into the crown and give an estimate as to how much new growth can be attributed to exosomes.

How much graft implanted into the crown area

this guy is now officially norwood zero.

Very good density there for the crown, it has to be at least 2000 grafts if I have to take a guess.

Excellent job dr. baubac !!!

Why not disclose you’re the person in the video Pats, and use your real picture as your avatar?

Nice result regardless.

Dont think pats is him. I dont know. But what makes you think that?

Wow. Dont know what to say

The video is very nice that how the crown restoration surgery is done ! it’s a great video for the hair loss patient to know about crown surgery procedure …

It looks like very good density too relatively speaking compared to what you would normally expect from crown restoration.

Thanks everyone!!!

Did dr. Baubac have to “refarm” the front scalp? By “refarm” I mean did he have to remove the still existing front hair in order to place new grafts so as to start with a clean slate?