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Could the skin\'s being "primed" for DHT during puberty apply to acne too?


We know that some factor is happening to the hair follicles during puberty to help set the stage for the DHT/MPB battle to get rolling.

Just a wild thought here, but could some degree of the same thing be going on with acne in the skin? Could some critical mass of hormone exposure during puberty be “priming” your adult skin for permanent acne troubles?

I’m thinking about how much there seems to be spillover between those with ongoing acne problems and those with MPB problems. Both androgen/skin issues. Both starting during puberty.

Acne can (I think more often than commonly recognized) become a lifelong battle that goes on for decades after the initial onset of hormones during puberty.

And just like MPB, there is a wide range of susceptibility. Just like MPB, there are some people who get absolutely tortured with it for their whole lives despite putting up herculean efforts to fight it, while others never have to deal with it at all.