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It is exciting, it may not be a cure but at least it is a new technology. My only concern is cost. With the US dollar tanking these days against the British Pound and Euro, I wonder how this will affect the pricing decision. If ICX is going to be as expensive as FUE hair transplant, then I will probably have to sit on the sideline for a while before flying to the UK.


My gut-feeling is that it will eventually be a mass-market thing even if not initially. They’ll probably make it more expensive than a round of Botox or something, but I’ll bet it ends up being less then FUE work costs right now.

IMHO the current hair transplant doctors could all make a lot more money if it was physically possible to do the work any faster/cheaper and lower the ultimate pricing. But they just can’t do it (w/o compromised results) because of the nature of the work. Charging $5-15 per graft is definitely pricing out A LOT of potential customers.