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Corrective hair transplantation by Patrick Mwamba, MD / 8-month results


This patient effectively researched and pursued MyWHTC clinic’s Belgium branch to resolve the effects of a poor aesthetic result from another clinic. The poor results prevented the patient from wearing many desired hairstyles. The situation went from bad to worse after the bulk of the larger grafts became more exposed due to further frontal hairline recession. The patient learned a valuable lesson in that all individuals in pursuit of surgical hair restoration must exercise diligence. Fortunately, the patient had additional donor resources and the courage to seek proper corrective hair transplantation. Dr. Patrick Mwamba used FUE by FIT to repair the front and restore uniformity.

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http://www.mywhtc.be (For viewers in Belgium)

http://www.mywhtc.net (International languages)


Now that is an absolutely natural looking hairline !