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Conspiracy against intercitex

Hello everybody,
I have been reading in this forum since a long time ago, but I have never nothig new to tell about latest developments.
After some weeks reading about HM results, I can tell something new,

It is a real FACT that there is a lot of people ( companies involved in HT ) also in this forum doing conspiracy against intercitex.

I don´t really know if HT will be or not the future , I only believe what I can see. at the moment I haven´t seen anything, But as preliminary Phasee II result told,(In the second sub-group, all patients showed substantial and visible increased hair counts at six or twelve weeks).

“substantial and visible” at least for me it means more than Minox, Fluoridil, Propecia , etc… can due.

Provably it won´t be a Panacea , but I can nearly asure that it will mean for us more than any other product can do ( I dont consider HT ). And at the moment it is enought for me

Best regards for all and please do not be very cruel with me in the replyes.

I don’t believe in a “factual” conspiracy, ICX is financied by big society and from the UK Government, so is not an agency of 3 lucky guys that works in a garage…
But i’m sure that all the hair transplant doctors, in all the interview, say something of pessimist, to give to people the conviction of a procedure that is still years and years away… the reason is simply: they work for transplant, if people are sure that in 2 years can have more hair without scar and bad results don’t go to them… and they can’t make money… so is sure that they say “an HM maybe “one day” can be here, but nobody know when…” to give you the conviction that only the transplant can do something…(this is like a “mediatic conspiracy” ).
For this reason i believe only in official report and official declaration of society…


The fact that hair loss is SO personal & negative to us makes us look for more dramatic reasons for everything surrounding its cure.

ICX is just a company trying to invent a better widget to make money. No more, no less.

The HT industry is just trying to sell what it does too. Although the top docs are usually booked pretty far in advance already so I don’t know how much more additional press they will really benefit from.

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