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Concerns of hair transplant Concealment? IHTI


Concerns of hair transplant Concealment post -op?

Hair transplantation can often seems unappealing due to the question of post-operative concealment. We offer different methods to achieve undetectability for patients who want to minimize any visual exposure or are in the “public eye”. Most patients request the shaved CIT/FIT patch to be performed if they wear their hair at least a couple of inches in length. Patients with wavier hair may want to have more hair length prior to the procedure so that the surrounding hair can camouflage the extraction sites on the donor area. Average size patch areas are usually about 9 square inches and may include one or more individual sites to achieve needed harvesting and undetectability. The Non-shaven CIT/FIT method is available for those with shorter hair styles and want maximum undetectability should consider the totally non-shaven CIT/FIT method. The non-shaven method requires a greater amount of time to complete but gives patients their best option to having extractions on the donor area undetectable immediately after surgery.

Examples of the CIT Patch and CIT Non-shaven are below:

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