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Commercial department to support the VAVELTA launch


Do not know if these was already posted:


“Research & development
costs have increased by £1.59m on 2006 as a consequence of the increased clinical trial activity,
especially faster recruitment to Topical II and the movement of VAVELTA into Phase II trials.
General and administrative expenses are £0.53m higher reflecting the creation of a commercial
department to support the VAVELTA launch and enhanced Programme Management activities.”

In the next 12 months is planned:

“Over the next 12 months a number of additional trial results are anticipated, including data for ICXPRO
in its Phase III venous leg and Phase II diabetic foot ulcer trials. We expect final data on three
Phase II trials for VAVELTA indications and further data from the ongoing Phase II trial of ICX-TRC,
as well as the ICX-SKN extension study. Finally, we look forward to seeing VAVELTA establish
itself in the UK market as a new approach to facial rejuvenation.”

So my take… in 12 months is not planned any HM Commercialization, prior to that they are going to create a sales departament or use the same salesman office they are using for Valveta.

So to evaluate the HM thing is going to be very important these movements. If we do not see money go to the ICX-TRC salesmen when they publish trial data…

It will be very positive to contact the marketing guys and telling them that there are thousands of crazy baldies around the world trying to fly anyplace of the globe to be injected. Probably a salesman will understand the potential of these much more that a scientist or a telephonist.


Why don’t all of us here start e-mailing Marketing and ask Intercytex to bring the product out? Or we can make a support petition getting signatures. It can show Intercytex a lot of bald or balding people want this procedure to come out.