Clues to why older people lose their hair

Bald Truth: Mouse Study May Get at Roots of Hair Loss | Health News | US News

The actual medical article is here for the nerds, still a long way to go from anything real for curing hair loss in my opinion.

Escape of hair follicle stem cells causes stem cell exhaustion during aging

So disappointing, we can stop covid and other diseases but curing hairloss is nearly impossible. Luckily it’s not fatal except to a person’s ego.

Thanks for pointing out this article.
It changes the theory of hairloss.
AA is a combined effect of our epigenetic instabilities and genetic predisposition to DHT damage. Not genes alone.
An unstable Epigenome due to today’s unhealthy lifestyle kickstarts the hairloss process much earlier than in the previous generations (in countries like india where till 20 years ago there was very little processed food).

Use of Fisetin, NMN, resveratrol etc., removes the senescent cells and strengthens the hair bulb and root sheaths (possibly preventing hair stem cell escape).

We have started advising suitable epigenetic modifications and have had good feedback, especially in lady patients.
Dr A

@Dr_Arvind Are these to be used topically or taken internally like a hair vitamin?

They have to be taken orally.
They should be administered topically too. I do it by microneedling once every two weeks.
We use preservative-free resveratrol serum for topical use.
Similarly, I advise against capsules/tablets. Orally, take them in powder form (Resveratrol and NMN).