Cheating in love the cause of hair loss? Bald Men Are Cheaters?

This is NO joke !!

After research of 20 years !!!

I’m sure this is the cause for hair loss !!!

Ask yourself the simple question what do men more then the womans?

It’s lying, cheat and cheating! Not all men of course…

I talked and observate many men going bald!

Follow my thoughts in the coming time!


For all women with distrust look on the pillow for excessive hair loss :wink:

I like this youtube video

OK attention!

Hair loss arises between the ears (spirit) then

change the proportions in the body !!!

I am talking about the cause and the consequence !!

OK see you soon with less attractive by hair loss:waving:

Like father like son:-P balding = cheating:yes:

Cheating in love is a crime for the hair:yes:

When you make commitments, you’re expected to keep them…

If You Can’t Live Up to Your Commitments, Don’t Make Them !!

Commitments: Easy to make – Hard to keep

Hair Loss = Your Self Accountability !!

Coincidence does not exist it is the cause and the consequence !!

See you soon for more news about less attractive by hair loss:waving:

Another village is missing its idiot…

who do u think these men are cheating with? if your theory is correct, shouldn’t women go bald at the same rate as men too?

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OK nice GRTZX from AESTHETUS :slight_smile:hairconsultant Frank Bolk :slight_smile:
Follow me on twitter coming soon"

From his first hairsite post it appears AESTHETUS is a disgruntled former “hair consultant”.

Unsurprising he got sacked if you look at his aggressive hard sell on this and other forums.


I’m not done yet and still have information
kept for myself more info coming soon… JoHO

Prices have gone up since May13
Strip 4€ and Fues 6€ it’s business
for Villnow MD supply and demand

I’ve heard some interesting theories, but this isn’t one of them. It’s pretty funny though.

There are plenty of honest guys out there that bald!:stuck_out_tongue:

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