Celebrity Hair Restoration Surgery Performed By Dr. Umar

Bernardo de Paula is an actor who appears on the Showtime drama series, Shameless as the character Beto. Over time, he noticed his hair becoming more and more depleted. And he felt displeased as he saw himself on camera. He decided to seek help through a hair transplant procedure performed by Dr. Umar.

Careers in the entertainment industry are often strongly tied to one’s physical appearance. Youthfulness and high aesthetic standards are considered more marketable to the public. Therefore, better looking actors are more likely to have longer careers and more opportunities.

Up until now, Hollywood has relied strongly upon hairpieces and concealers as standard tricks of the trade for hiding hair loss.

But as all of you know, hair restoration techniques can now enable the creation of highly realistic looking results.

Instead of regularly spending hours in the makeup chair, it is far more convenient to actually have real hair. Therefore, more actors (and other entertainment professionals) are turning towards surgery. Although some choose to remain very confidential about their decision to do so, others are adopting a more open stance by speaking openly about their experience. And for those who have bravely chosen the more candid route, it seems that the public’s reaction has been very positive towards quality results.

For Bernardo’s case, Dr. Umar used Follicular Unit Extraction to remove grafts from the patient’s head. These were inserted to fill his bald crown and to advance the hairline.

He was able to create the whorl to look as seamless as possible with the rest of the hair. And he also created the best looking hairline for this patient.

The patient is now able to wear a very fashionable looking hair style which would not have worked with an empty crown and hairline recession.
But also, he feels more confident with a greater sense of inner peace.

To view his video, click here if the embed does not display.

Nice but did I read that correctly? only 2200 grafts?

This patient had a total of 2487 grafts from the head.

This is pretty amazing result.