Caucasian - 2700+ strip FUHT grafts (2 year update)

Dear forum readers,

Patient Nickname - Caucasian
Race - Caucasian
Type of procedure - repair HT using FUHT method

Caucasian underwent an unsuccessful strip hair transplant somewhere in USA slightly more than 3 years ago. A full length strip had been excised but few grafts grew.

He approached us and got a repair HT performed 2 years ago for the front half of the scalp. The crown swirl area was not transplanted.

Different patients have different choices for the hairline placement.

As can be seen in the picture below, Caucasian chose to go for a more mature hairline (marked in black) v/s a more aggressive one (marked in faded marker line). I think it is very important that the doctor give due consideration to patient’s preferences instead of “one hairline fit all” approach.

Dr. A

Good job!!

Really nice results. Congrats!

Dr. Arvind this is a tremendous progress. The amount of grafts he you used covered a lot of ground with decent density. Really remarkable job. Hats off.

Could you post a pic of his crown and

a) Tell us how many grafts would be needed to covered it with the same amount of density as the frontal area

b) How many grafts the patient has left and a pic of his scar and donor area

c) Graft placement


d) If the patient has any future plans for another go

Is FUHT and STRIP the same thing or a special kind of strip ?

Good work using only 2700 grafts.

» Is FUHT and STRIP the same thing or a special kind of strip ?

Fuht and strip are the same thing.

Excellent hairline placement and everything, good job!