Campaign baldness hope


I would like to invite you all to send e-mails to Dr. Million Mulegeta, responsible for the research of the stressed rats that grew hair again.

These people is surely joking by saying that it will be many years before this ever gets tested in humans, and Cotsarelis either (10 years for a little cream?). We need to show our interesting in a viable solution for hair loss because we may be like those CHRONIC STRESSED rats as well.

Dr. Yvette Taché said in the interview that until now nobody has ever died for hair loss. But we need to show to the world that some people are dying in the soul.

Come on people, nobody is so busy that can`t spend 10 min to send an email.

Madre Tereza fought for the pouper
Martin Luter King fought for the black people in the USA
I will fight for hair loss

its a nobel effort on your part but these guys are bound by regulations and the massive fda beaurocracy which ensures development of any drug takes forever and costs a fortune.

Dr. Yvette Taché doesn’t know what she is talking about. I guarantee you people have killed themselves because of hair loss. I know for a fact we’ve had people threaten suicide on this board before. For some people, the pain is just too great.

» Hi,
Every doctor should know that already successful medicine invented by me for growing hair on bald heads. NO MORE WORRIES FOR BALD HEADS. YOU WILL UNDERSTAND IT VERY NEAR FUTURE.

So where is the email? I couldn’t find it on the net.

BTW someone has photos of the girl who is testing that peptide?