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Cal, Dr. Bernstein says allograft cell trx might express identity of host

Check out this link:


And here (in italics and enlarged) is the key excerpt from the story:

“In addition, there is some evidence that the recipient skin can influence the look of the hair. Thus, the final appearance of the patient may more closely resemble the bald person’s original hair, than the hair of the person donating the inducer cells…”

This seems an odd statement by Bernstein since I think I read that Collin Jahoda’s transplanted hair cells produced hairs that looked like Collins’s head hair onto his wife’s arm.

If what Bernstein is saying is true then perhaps the effect can be enhanced leading to hairs that look like the host’s hair instead of the donor’s hair?

I suspect that hair from any location that is transplanted into bald areas of the scalp, will eventually itself succumb to male pattern baldness (I had plug transplants decades ago, and the last three years, my plugs have thinned dramatically, while the hair remaining in the donor areas from which those plugs were taken, looks a lot more robust).

That there is some signal in bald skin that alters the characteristics of hair transplanted into it.

And I suspect that for old fashioned plug transplants–which transplant a lot of skin as well as follicles–it takes many decades for signals from the surrounding bald skin to alter the skin and follicles of the transplanted plugs.

And if so, it may take less time for FUE transplants–which are transplanted with little or no skin from donor sites–to also succumb to mpb.

AND MOST OF ALL this could explain why Aderans and other HM hopefuls have mixed results: because injected cells would be even more vulnerable to being immediately influenced by the balding properties of the skin those cells are injected into.

I wonder what HM success rate would be, if they tried injecting it into parts of the body unaffected by male pattern baldness.

I know we’ve been told over and over that transplanted hairs will continue to be as resistant to mpb as the untransplanted hairs in the donor area–but how the hell can they say that? I mean, they’d have to have followed transplants for forty or fifty years before, as in my case, you can see that it may indeed be the case that transplanted hair goes bald because of the bald skin surrounding it.

Since I was among the first men to get transplants, the first instances of what’s happening to me is only showing up in my cohort about now.

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