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Breezula - New topical, no side effects



And see this -


Clascoterone . Is it another name for finasteride?

I’m sceptical about this compound’s potential to regrow hair. I might be wrong but most likely it merely converts more hair from telogen to anagen.

I think it is already available on the market in the form of cream.


Otter: It is definitely not another name for finasteride or dutasteride. It’s a completely different drug.

And no it is NOT one of those types of drugs which works by extending the anagen phase (like minoxidil or Latisse.)

It is an anti-androgen like finasteride and dutasteride (and others), but it is NOT the same as those drugs. Anti-androgens DO NOT work primarily by extending the anagen phase.

Also you can see the hairs they used it on (human hairs plucked out and grown in vitro). They thickened within a few days. I don’t think that’s characteristic of drugs that extend the anagen phase which would just increase the duration of their growth.

The thing that distinguishes this drug from dutasteride and finasteride is that it supposedly does not have the side effects (like loss of libido, etc.) that happen to some people with those drugs.

That said, I’m not saying I know this stuff will work really well on a real person’s head – I have no idea.