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Boys - NEED Your Help and Guidance


Here it is in a nutshell as I am going to track my progess with pics, details, etc…

I am 30 years old and have been losing my hair from sometime. I still am about a NW3 or NW4 from what I can tell. I started on Propecia about 6 months ago and had terrible shedding after about the 1st month. Almost around qiving up, my hair seem to take a turn for the better around the 3 month mark. However, I am on month 6 and have terrible shedding. Much worse than the 1st go around. I used to be able to cover my balding but now it is definitely more full blown. It seems like the shedding is more in the back but it is noticeable in the front as well. Do I stop? At Vitamins?

I have been exercising and it seems to be worse when I do this but am not 100% positive if I am just mind blowing myself…

Anyway, just looking for your advice especially to see if the shedding is normal around this 6 month mark. I am guessing it is not and don’t know how much more I can take. As always, your input is appreciated.




Merck says -
At 3 months there is slowing of hair loss.
At 6 months there will be less hair loss. Regrowth may be seen

After 2 years of treatment:
99% of men had visible results (growth or no further hair loss)

66% had hair growth
33% had no further hair loss
1% had a visible decrease of hair

After 5 years of treatment:
90% of men had visible results (growth or no further hair loss)

48% (134 of 279) had hair regrowth with PROPECIA
42% (117 of 279) had no further hair loss with PROPECIA
10% (28 of 279) had a visible decrease of hair



Thanks for the info…So, are you recommending me stopping using Propecia due to the shed since I have given it 6 months or what would you recommend doing?