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Boston Baldy, Klingman saw De Novo hair after dermabrasion


In that Costarialis interview, in the audio portion (the history of hair research audio link)http://www.sciencefriday.com/newsbriefs/read/117, he mentioned that Arthur Klingman, legendary researcher (and still alive at 91) had mentioned in papers back in the day (in the JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DEMATOLOGY NO LESS) that he saw de noveau hair forming after some dermabrasion FOR ACNE SCARS. You’d have to listen to the audio link on the page. We damn sure KNOW they were not applying wnt protiens to those wounds, and these WERE ON HUMANS. We also can imagine that they were not going five millimeters deep in the skin.

I really wonder where we are being led by Costarialis. On one hand, he says that wounds have to be five millimeters deep (but really, wouldn’t you be hitting your damn skull or close to it by then. Chin hair follicles, which are deeper in the dermis that head hair follicles are only 2-4 millimeters in depth under the dermis in anagen phase, http://books.google.com/books?id=oAFSBBLU_UUC&pg=RA1-PT145&lpg=RA1-PT145&dq=head+hair+follicle+depth+anagen&source=web&ots=6gAnNmdCfn&sig=lkjHWYtakSD6Ktb8Y1BKb-d1TiU#PPA1,M1.
He is also stating that you have to have wnt protiens present, but Klingman’s observations would not have been on folks who had topical wnt solutions put on their skin would it? They, with dermabrasion, would not have EVEN BLED if it was performed properly.

I still claim…that its all in the healing. If the wound is allowed to bleed and is not closed (which may be a pain in the ass for a few days), it should produce a hair. My question and problem is that if we form de noveau hairs from MPB areas, why would they not have MPB genetics and begin to miniaturize after a good couple of years after forming? Would one have to be on finasteride, etc. to keep them?

Costarialis mocks the notion one “could do this at home”, but really, with tiny guage needles available—and lithium chloride, topical caffeine (which binds DKK-1-which inhibits WNT expression), and a few other wnt-promoting substances available-------------one SHOULD BE ABLE to do this at home. I mean fuck, home dermabrasion kits are sold and women do that at home. This might be what Follica is most afraid of.

If you listen to the link concerning the history of this research going back to the fifties and how the idea got shot down by one dumbasses paper from Australia who didn’t even test it, its infuriating. After all the things humans have done to test animals, not to be willing to wound their skin to see if hair follicles develop is just ridiculous. The idea got shot down decades back without even a test. Who knows, baldness might have been cured by 1965 if this thing really worked. The mouse pictures show that it definitely works on mice.

Ive told you why its intriguing to me before. Largely because of a link Stephen Foote used to put up explaining strangely good hair growth after a car accident in one person and how ligature provided a woman with alopecia good new growth on her thinning hair in another instance. I dont have the links. I remember seeing a guy at a video store once who had a huge wound (I mean a big friggin’ ugly dent in his skull----that by the look of it you would figure that it should have killed him). It was deep and had to be a few inches across. He had thick hair growing in it. It was right in his temples. His hairline was not particularily low, and it made it look as if his temporal hairline was actually lower than the middle brow, which is of course unusual for a man (oval hairline with greater thickness on the side—like a few women have—think Senator Olympia Snow, but more exaggerated than that). I was thinking to myself, “my temples are receeding, but even dramatic trauma didn’t do anything to that poor guy’s hair”. He really looked…well, its hard to describe. The first think I thought about when I seen that dude (working behind the counter), was “my God you are lucky to be alive”, and then you notice thick hair in that wound. This was back in 03’. I remember it like it was yesterday. I hope they follow up on this research with a little conviction, and it doesn’t die on the vine.

What about the time launching in that audio interview?

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