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Bollywood actor , Salman khan Hair Transplant surgery


Dabangg star Salman Khan has got his hair transplanted many years back when he stared getting bald and the baldness began happening speedily on his head. Since the actor was in demand, he knew his career had still long way to go he chose to go for hair transplant. Reportedly he went to Dubai for the hair transplant procedure to be done. His transplant was done brilliantly and the result you can see – the hair style looks eye-catchy and stylish. Today he is rated as the super dashing star with big stardom.
look at the before- after picture to see the result…


Yes we heard so many celebirty had undergone hair transplant surgery, here you can read all about celebrity hair transplant : https://akclinics.org/blog/hair-transplant-articles/famous-celebrity-hair-transplants/