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Body hair transplant surgery by Dr. Kapil - 3395 Grafts


A 54 year old gentleman with NH Grd VII baldness presented to us for hair restoration after having undergone 4 unsuccessful surgeries outside ( 1 FUT; 2 FUE scalp; 1 FUE - body plus scalp; - One of the surgeries included hair being extracted from body as well.) The donor area of the scalp was depleted and only body hair could be taken out for transplantation. So, we extracted body hair from different areas.We did 3395 grafts over 2 days. The distribution of the same was as follows: Beard- 2176 grafts; Chest - 620 grafts; Pubic - 160 grafts; Leg- 336 grafts; Underarms -103 grafts.The surgery went off well. The patient got good results and the patient was very happy even after three months post surgery.


If beard grafts alone is 2176 grafts, then your total graft number should be higher than 2176 but your title says 2176.