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Bob (NW 6) - 5300+ FUSE grafts(scalp, beard, chest) - 5 month update


Bob had a 5335 FUSE graft procedure (3121 scalp, 1759 beard and 455 chest grafts). There is appreciable growth 5 months after the transplant with a proper framing of the face. The healing in all the donor areas is excellent.



That is absolutely fantastic result. Excelent work!!!


5 months with more growth to come…this is excellent when you consider the hair loss this patient had.

How many square cm would have been covered? Was the surgery carried out on consecutive days, if so how many?

The closure of the donor is absolutely fantastic…no sign at all of a scar!

This patient must be very happy. :slight_smile:


Very impressive considering where he was just 5 months ago.


another great result using body/beard hair, this is very encouraging.


How many more grafts can you take from his beard?


Well this video shows what transplants can do when you end up nw6. And you see these results in carefull room lighting, in other lights things will be even more see through.

Since most of us end up nw6 one day see this and decide if transplants are worth for you the money, surgeries, post surgery hiding etc.

On the one hand we see these results on full blown nw6 people and on another we see youngsters on propecia and minoxidil with tons of native hair. The difference between these two groups is not the doctors skill is the progression of MPB to where it will go for our so called pattern of hairloss. A pattern than end in nw6 and no drugs can stop that forever.


Pretty good results!

As requested before, HT need to have a solution for NW6/7…looks like body hair (chest,nape,beard) is an integral part of a viable NW6 HT.

If i was a HT doctor, I would work on perfecting this solution, as the market for NW6 patients is much bigger than NW3/4 kids that will be upset after their pills don’t work anymore…


F (Follicular) U (unit) S (Strip) E (extraction)???

Is this strip or FUE?..please elaborate; there seems to be too many acronyms these days. Can’t we just settle on FUE and Strip as terms?

Anyway, if it is STRIP then I have a serious question. Lately Dr. Arvind’s clinic seems to be posting a large number of strip results. It was my impression that two or three yeras ago, Dr. Arvind was a leading light in the FUE industry. Does this signify anything?


Maybe the SE in FUSE stands for single extraction!!

and thus FUE!!


» Maybe the SE in FUSE stands for single extraction!!
» and thus FUE!!

FUSE = Follicular unit separation and extraction. It is not strip.

FUE is a generic term/concept to denote when one attempts to extract individual follicular units. Not all techniques used for performing this extraction are the same.

FUSE (technique and instrumentation)was invented by Dr. Arvind Poswal and freely shared with doctors worldwide.
Details of the technique are available at http://www.fusehair.com/node/488