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Biological age test - starts now (importance in hairloss)

Dear readers,
Biological aging is an important parameter when evaluating hairloss and planning a comprehensive treatment strategy for the same.

Consider 2 people A and B - A eats healthy and leads a healthy lifestyle.
B on the other hand subsists on a diet of junk foods and soda with no exercise etc.

At age 40, if we test their biological age (also called the physiological age), B will be older then his chronological (birthday cake) age.
A on the other hand will be much younger.

A similar thing happens when our body goes through acute/chronic stress.
Prominent among them are hairloss

  • post Covid,
  • peri & postmenopause,
  • post childbirth,
  • post chemo/radiotherapy

Does our lifestyle/physiology affect our hairloss? Yes, it does.

How can you monitor it? By repeated Biological age testing while following the “hair care process” to improve epigenome that I have mentioned in my previous posts.

As you follow the hair care process, you can monitor your biological age and correlate them to plan the direction of your treatment.

Please contact us if you wish to start on the process alongwith biological age monitoring. (Clinic visits are NOT mandatory)

Following are some educational links I think every hairloss patient and hair doctor should be well versed in.
Hair aging

Hair aging (plus hair greying and possible reversal of grey hair)

Interesting information about biological age v/s chronologic age
Does the distinction between biological and chronological age support legal age change? | Bioethics.

Dr. A
Dr Capt Arvind Poswal

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