Bio FUE Result with 2320 Grafts - Dr Kapil Dua

A 30 years old male with history of hair loss presented to us with NH grade IV baldness. He wanted to restore his fuller hair look in the frontal area and wanted a permanent solution for hair loss. As suggested, he underwent Bio FUE procedure and 4604 hair follicles (2320 grafts) were transplanted. The whole surgery was uneventful. Here are the results after 8 months. The patient is very happy and satisfied with his looks.

If you’re experiencing male or female pattern baldness, the hair follicles in the affected area have miniaturized. As a result, your hair will appear noticeably thinner or absent (bald). However, there is an area that extends across the back and sides of the head where the growth cycles continues indefinitely. This “permanent zone” is the donor area from where your new hair will come. This hair is different and usually won’t be subject to the balding process. Getting hair loss treatment in Mumbai with hair transplantation is easy now. come & get it done.