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BHT Surgery Update By Dr. Umar at 18 Months and 7286 Grafts


Here are photos of a patient’s results at eighteen months. He sought Dr. Umar’s help to repair the cumulative outcome of various hair restoration procedures. These included:

(1) several strip surgeries
(2) scalp reduction

The multiple strip surgeries naturally left a series of linear scars. The scalp reduction left the patient with scalp deformity, including an egregious slot formation. And like many patients seeking repair after more than one surgery, there was a shortage of scalp donor hair follicles. Because of this, conventional hair transplant methods would be futile for these types of cases.
Because this patient had an abundant supply of beard hair, these follicles were able to expand his donor pool to create the coverage that he ideally wanted.

Dr. Umar invented specialized technology called UGraft. It is designed to accommodate many types of hair on the body and remove them safely. With this instrumentation, it is possible to harvest large volumes of body hair grafts so that patients could benefit from much higher levels of coverage.
For this individual, Dr. Umar extracted a total of 7286 grafts. The breakdown is as follows:

(1) 4458 grafts – head hair
(2) 2654 grafts – beard hair
(3) 174 grafts – nape hair

With this donor supply, there were enough follicles to cover the strip scars and make them quite unnoticeable. The grafts were also used to enhance the patient’s overall coverage and to create a high, mature hairline inspired by Bono. Nape hairs were used to produce a soft and natural looking edge
His before and after images shown below reflect results seen at the eighteen month point. The patient is very pleased with his outcome and being able to finally reach the resolution that he wanted to end his hair restoration journey. His video which features more images and the patient’s personal feedback is available here.