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Better Way to Lose Hair


A person with frontal hair loss without hair loss in the back plus a family history of frontal hair loss only, will generally be the best candidate for hair restoration surgery. As long as there is decent donor hair, this type of hair loss can usually be fully restored.

From a cosmetic point of view, according to surveys, most men consider hair loss in the front to have a greater negative impact on their appearance than hair loss in the back. Most young men are concerned when they see the first signs of recession at their temples. This recession happens in nearly all young men and doesn’t necessarily indicate aggressive male pattern baldness that will continue to expand. Men lose hair in different ways. Our recent patient pictured here is in his 40s. As you can see, he has very little recession and his pre-op hairline is providing frontal framing of his face that many men in the higher Norwood range dream of.

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