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Best in Business - Input?


Hi All:

Appreciate this site a ton and a lot of the members on here. Been reading for years and following.

I have been on propecia for 10 years and my hair loss has stayed pretty consistent. I am 38 and finally decided to go through with a Hair Transplant. I am leaning heavily on Armani (Bauback) or Alan Baumann (not as much info on this site) in Florida. I mainly need my temples filled in. My only concern about Armani is that I have read where he uses a ton of donor hair and even more than some need. I don’t want to use too much (or have the same hair as 20) incase I would need touch up as I get older or if new treatments become available. If money were not an issue and could travel anywehre, who would you guys recommend? I definitely want FUE. Or, do you think wait another year or two before new technology comes out?

I realize this great site has their overall ranking but just wanted some additional input (especially if anyone used these facilities) before finally going through with it.

Thanks so much!


Hello heiny7,

This is Eric from the Alvi Armani Clinic. If you like, please email me at eric@alviarmani.com and I would be happy to set you up with a complimentary phone consultation where you can speak directly with Dr. Baubac about your hair loss and have all of your questions answered.

Also, check out these hairline results below designed and restored by Dr. Baubac below:



I hope this helped!


@heiny7 Not all FUEs are created equal. I believe Dr. Bauman uses ARTAS for his patients. There has been a lot of debate over the years about the merits of robotic FUE devices. You need to do thorough research and decide which FUE technique can deliver the results that meet your expectations.



I would not ever go to anyone that was once affiliated with Dr. Armani. There is a reason he lost his license. No one good ever came out of this camp and those still lingering about use nurses to harvest grafts. I would never suggest Bauman. He too uses nurses to do his work and his results are not good. Neither are his nurse’s work. Do some more research.


I believe Dr Baubac extracts grafts himself and does surgical aspects of surgery. I have met the guy in person, had a decent informed convo, and can vouch that he is a great guy. In my opinion, he is an ethical doc. In the beginning of my hair research, I was uncomfortable with Armani due to the fear created on some forums. However, Dr Baubac creates one of the finest and properly framed hairlines. There is a reason celebrities go to that doc. I don’t think I read of any disappointed patients or heard of any patients that felt terrible. He explained my situation well and I think it is worthwhile patients visit him and ask him questions.

As for Dr Bauman, he may have more visibility on another forum then some other forums. Not sure if he uses ARTAS. I am not a fan of ARTAS nor any tool that may not be popular/safe. I do not know how most of his results are.


First of all - REALLY - REALLY appreciate everyone’s input so far. I guess I have a few questions after several responses:

I.) why is it so hard to find a reputable dr???It seems its just so difficult to get an honest answer. I feel I do my research and then someone brings up good points about a particular dr. Who does Robert Herjavec, Lebron, Brady, etc all go to??? Guarantee they all had work done. Thats the most difficult part as I have the resources but don’t want to get burnt. I would even pay extra to get some sort of insurance its done properly.

2.) Dr. Cole - playing devils advocate here but how can Armani and specifically Baubec be so highly rated on this site. A top 3 dr??? But yet you say theres no chance you would go there. I have read enough on armani to now steer away from that clinic and, at one pt, was my top choice.

I guess after further research, leaning to have to go to Dr Woods in Australia but its just so far. However, he seems most ethical but, again, I have thought that with others. Any further input is appreciated.


For the record, Dr. Baubac has one of the most pristine patient records in our community. Also, contrary to the allegations made in this thread, donor harvesting at Dr. Baubac’s clinic is not performed by nurses; this has been confirmed directly with Dr. Baubac as well.

As a reminder, it is stated very clearly in our Terms of Use that it is not the mandate of our site to perpetuate allegations or accusations of any sort. Our platform is ill equipped to handle subject matter of this nature without asking everyone to verify his identity and affiliations before posting.

This thread will be suspended.

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