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Best documented Testimonial for 3200 FUE Grafts, in HDC Hair Clinic

This patient had contacted HDC, from the United States for his hair transplantation.

He finally had transplanted 3200 grafts, with the FUE technique and the end of March 2017.

He wanted to choose his best option, out of top clinics in north America and Europe.

He narrowed down his list to 4 clinics in and he finally decided to conclude with HDC Hair Clinic, after seeing the result of his friend who came to HDC 6 months before, and the other posted results in this and other forums. The Clinic made him feel comfortable and welcomed and the team was very experienced and professional. These are the words of the patient as mentioned in another forum and in his videos, that you are going to watch in this post.

We need to mention that this patient had a hidden camera that HDC did not know and has documented in detail his experience. We feel that this is the most well documented testimonial from a patient ever, and it’s worth to watch all his videos.

We post here, the before and post op photos.


Immediately post op

Blow you can watch 5 Videos produced by the patient from the initial arrival to Cyprus and up to 7 months after, as follows:

The arrival to the airport

The day of the first visit to HDC Clinic

The post op experience

The Patient’s 6-month update

And the patient’s 7 months update

To learn more about HDC hair clinic, go to https://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com/

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I never thought I would say this but I thoroughly enjoy watching these videos, thank you for posting.

Wait a second, this was taken with a SPY CAM !!! How did he pull that off?

Great videos ! I am curious what were the final 4 clinics you narrowed down to?

Best documentation ever ! . He said he needed to take valium the first day after surgery, was it really that painful after surgery? How long did the pain last?

Pain is rarely mentioned by others who had done hair transplants, this might be the first time I heard someone complained about the pain being so bad that he had to take valium in order to go to bed.

Good job with the videos. I have some questions

  1. I too would like to know who were his final 4.

  2. How many days did he stay in Cyprus before flying back to the US?

  3. The patient accommodation looks nice, is accommodation already included in the price per graft or is there a seperate charge for accommodation at HDC’s building?


This seems to be one of the best well documented hair transplant experience. It was indeed filmed by a spy cam like you say QuePasa and I am glad that everything come out so well.
Regarding the pain I have to say that patients feel some pain in the stage of local anesthesia and normally we give some painkillers for the first night. It is at the discretion of the patient whether to take or not. The patient are asked to sleep at the position of 30 degree to reduce swelling and for this reason could need a valium to sleep easier in an uncomfortable position.
Wes, the patients usually stay for 1 week so that we can offer them our post operation care which is included in the price per graft as well as the accommodation.
You can see in the link below our article about post operation care:
and more details about clinic accommodation here:

I’m giving also patient Youtube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrXSnH6jHAsX1EIgXECbIhQ
and his Instagram page name which is hairplanter.
These are the latest photos posted by the patient on Instagram:

Good job with the spy cam ! Does HDC prescribe anti biotics for patients post op?

I wonder if this would be legal with the spy cam if it was a US clinic that he visited.

There are so many options for hair transplants in our days. But there are also many patient that are choosing the wrong place for their Hair Transplantation.

In the video below, we try to give a highlight of how to choose the right Clinic through the experience of this patient.

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