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Before and After hair transplant result 4000 grafts

Hello Everyone
I am a Doctor and I choose SB Aesthetics for my hair transplant surgery. SB Aesthetics is a very right option to choose for any treatment related to hair and Skin, spent more than a year researching & found SB Aesthetics 1year back and met with Dr. Shilpi. She removed all my doubts about the procedure & assured me of good results. She was very nice and advised necessary treatment and some medications. she was amazing before and while ongoing surgery. They have an amazing clean clinic, and the doctors & hair technicians were very nice and polite. Everyone was just as amazing and calmed my nerves and they made sure they did all the medical checks and made sure I was 100% fit for surgery. I would 100% recommend contacting SB Aesthetics as they can guide you through the process of having a hair transplant, they are the best in helping create a natural hairline and go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the results.
.The surgeons, medical & other staff are very warm & expert in their fields. I won’t say the surgery was entirely painless but after the surgery, I never felt uneasy or in pain. The best thing about SB Aesthetics is, Even after the surgery their post-op team is in regular touch with me to guide & evaluate. I am going to share my pre and post-pictures with you.
Do it once and do it right…

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I would say excellent results of the 4000 grafts that’s look like very dense …

Thanks Sir

That is amazing sir, and hats off to the SB Aesthetics staff. I don’t know much about SB Aesthetics, but it seems like I need to recommend it to my friends!!!

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