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Beard Repair & Redesigning | Dr. A's Clinic

Quoting Dr. Arvind Poswal

Why do repair cases abound in the field of hair transplant.
The shortest answer is lack of training.
It really doesn’t matter so much whether the doctor is a dermatologist or a neurosurgeon or none, the skill set required to learn the ART of hair transplant can only be acquired by learning in detail at the hand of a skilled and experienced doctor.
Instead, what I see is doctors thinking hair transplant can be learnt from youtube or 2 day workshops.

No… it requires thoroughness in training.

A mere theory paper is no replacement to actual experience.
My request for all doctors entering this field is to learn the art correctly so that you become PROUD of the result.

Some pictures to follow.

Cheek/beard/moustache donor healing after 5 days.

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The above pictures are of repair HT.
Many patients are apprehensive of scarring, especially in a case like this where the previous surgery left lots of scars.
For them we have facility of a small test session so they can witness the healing post FUSE extraction.
That gives confidence to the patient.

Many people ask us to name the doctors who did such botch jobs.
Let me tell them that govt. policies prevent me from naming them.

However, what saddens me is that the patients themselves never come out in open.
This encourages doctors (in this case, a europe based chain clinic with branches in India) of such centres to keep disfiguring more patients.

Dr. (ex-Captain) Arvind Poswal

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I think it’s depends upon the experince of Surgeon that how he perform the transplant surgery I don’t think the scar an issue if you get results , I would reccomend best hair tranpslant center Islamabad would be best option

Are you serious Mania when you say scar is not an issue?

It most certainly is for real patients.

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yes it is bht not for everyone …

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