Battle against hairloss

It’s been nearly one year since My hairloss started. I haven’t been to a doctor or dermatologist yet. I have been searching about treatments and used a lot of time on the internet. Asking questions in forums and reading studies and so on. I have seen inaccurrate information about treatments a few times. an example is the succes rate of Minoxidil. nearly every site says 38-40 percent and saw one place saying 60 percent. I’ve seen something similar with finasteride. Should i get the information from a dermatologist or doctor?. Is it Possible that there is treatments i haven’t heard of yet?. Is it okay to use the internet for this kind of stuff for so long. I don’t think that there is something i haven’t heard about. Because I have been using most of My time reading and searching for 4 months.

It is always a good idea to speak to a dermatologist or a doctor first, who knows, maybe your hair loss has nothing to do with male pattern baldness and you would be kicking yourself for putting all these junk on your head for nothing.

Besides, I think you will need a script for Propecia or finasteride anyway which means you will have to see a doctor whether you want it or not.

To answer your question, if you want to count all the quasi treatments out there, then yeah, there are plenty that you probably haven’t heard of, eg: folligrowth, naturafol, revivogen, viviscal, Alpecin, Phyllotex etc etc although I wouldn’t spend a penny on any of these.

Do you Mean i have to see a doctor even if i dont want to?

I think i know what you Mean now


  1. Propecia or finasteride
  2. topical minoxidil
  3. Nizoral (anti inflammatory and anti androgen)
  4. instead of Propecia or finasteride pills, some also use Topical finasteride + topical azelaic acid + retin-A but this formula is hard to find these days. Let me know if you can find a supplier for this.
  5. Topical dutasteride: supposed to be more powerful than finasteride but it inhibits both type I and type II 5AR.

Also, if you get on propcia, you might consider taking it every other day. The standard dosage for hairless is 1 mg. a day. I get the 5 mg. and split it into quarters, so, 1.25 mg. per dose every other day. One of my transplant doctors suggested this would be sufficient.

Although I had no side effects from propecia at all, I have taken the reduced amount or four years and have not experienced further hair loss. So, even if every other day does not work for you in terms of inhibiting hair loss, and you move to once a day, the reduced dose initially may help your body acclimate to the drug, and perhaps avoid side effects. (But I am not a doctor, so take what I say with a grain of salt.)

I also take “natural” dht inhibitors, like saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil. Whether these actually have a benefit, I don’t know, but they make me pee better. I also use 5% minox foam. Cheers.

Buy a dermaroller if you are going to use topical minoxidil, it enhances penetration, more effective. Yes the foam is way better, no more scalp itch for me once I switched to the foam. The propylene glycol version can actually cause more hair loss for some people.

@Yonis_Osman I would add laser to the list. At first I thought laser was a gimmick but I no longer feel the same after reading a research about how laser reduces hair loss by activating wnt signaling pathway.