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Balding since 16

Hey guys my name is Kevin I am 18 years old . Ever since 14 I’ve been insecure about my hairline and my forehead. I always had a big forehead and I worried so much. As a kid I had so much hair it would grow so fast , that picture I included of me with all that hair I was 16. I grew it out so it would cover my hairline and my big forehead. I was so worried about covering my hairline and forehead I took the hair I had for granted. Now I am 18 years old my hair has been like that in the other pictures for about a year. It all really started in April , 2019 . I was going through a stressful time with my girlfriend I feel like that’s what messed me up . There’s a condition I forgot where If something happens like traumatic , stressful events , etc it can impact your hair and can mess it up. ( Telogen effluvium

I thought it was that’s , it’s been over a year and it hasn’t gotten any better . I also let myself go , I gained weight. I’m not the same as I used to be. I just want to know if this is regular balding , I don’t think since my hair is really thin on the sides and it’s weird. Not like regular balding I think but who knows. I would just like to know opinions from everyone. Thank you

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Well friend you don’t need to be worry too much about it hair loss and baldness most of the people are facing the same kinds of problem like there are one of the most recognizable is hair transplant surgery which give the natural hair of regrowth as you used to have do’nt waste your time of any porduct just best hair restortion clinic in Pakistan for best advice and treatment…

Research finasteride. I’ve been on it 15+ years and I haven’t lost any hair since. I haven’t had any sides either and believe most of it is in peoples heads.

I don’t think your hairline is really so much of an issue. There is, however, what looks to be diffuse thinning - which I would worry about. Diffuse thinning is a sign of a systemic issue and it could be stress related, as you indicate.

If I were you, I would do two things. Get on Propecia. Start with small doses. I take 1.25 milligrams every other day, and it seems to work.

As to the stress, I would definitely start meditating. If you are not exercising regularly, join a gym or start jogging around your neighborhood and get some dumbbells and a pull up bar. Don’t smoke and cut down on sugar and empty carbs.

Massage your scalp twice a day without tugging on the hairs; move the skin.

If the high hairline bothers you, I would see how things look when you’re 25. At that time, you will have a handle on your hair loss and you can lower the hairline with a transplant.

But I am not a doctor and any advice you get on the internet should be taken with a grain of salt. Good luck.

It’s not really balding. It’s just thinning. You just need to take care and stop it before it gets completely bald.
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