Ayurvedic approach

Hello everyone,

I have started on an ayurvedic regime of hair oil and herb supplements. I will be checking in with current and updated pics in about a month from now, and will do so regularly every 4-5 weeks.

I’m currently a Norwood scale 3.

The hair oil is called Malathyadi Keratailam. Supplements are Amla capsules and Bhringraj capsules.


It will not help stop hair loss if your hair loss is genetic.


I ended up taking an Ayurvedic supplement called NUTRICH. Purchased 2 boxes, each containing 10x10 capsules. I have just started on the second batch. Never got into a regular regime of using the hair oil, alma and bhringraj capsules, but managed sticking to 3 NUTRICH capsules almost every day.

My hair has thickened a lot (it was thinning quite a lot on the top but that’s no longer the case), I’m seeing more regrowth in the temple area too. Attaching a progress photo (left temple area)

. Hair loss has also decreased a lot.

I’m planning on posting more progress shots as time goes by. Will try and start using the medical hair oil too.

Your hair does look thicker, how long have you been using this?

Thanks Omar, I started taking the Nutrich capsules early September, and have seen a vast improvement in thickness, shine and regrowth. I do want to add on the medicated hair/scalp oil mentioned in my first post to boost the results.