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Awakwned and/or De nuovo terminal hair shafts in the vertex and crown (cuir chevelu) Amilcar's 3rd successeful iteration


Please see photos of the 3rd successeful iteration.
This is an all-natural treatment since at least 4 weeks.
Awaiting your thoughts and feedback.

Bon Courage.

2nd part of pix

3rd part of pix.

4th group of pix.

Good luck !

P.S: All-natural treatment.
Please contact me in private, for anyone willing to try.


Roger that
Hanging there
James bond
Brian Shelton
And others
Where are you ?

After yesterdays pix, I share today’s pix.

I added an anti inflammatory +anti-plaque and anti caries (Fluor for mouth and eeth) I used for my scalp.

Please see the new pix and comment !!!


You are definitely on your way to having a full head of hair.

This is merely a Proof of concept (PoC) for an industrial research.
The point you mentioned is not a priority.
Would you please share your remarks about the pictures and the pattern ? Do you see sporations or not ?


Hello @ll,

Please have a look at the 3rd day of pix (Hopefully the last).

Wnt study
PGD-PGE study
Embryonic stem cells from differentiated mature cells
Chocolate drug or medicine
Bryan Shelton
Roger that
Hanging there

Tunisian medicine

Please comment.

3rd day (2nd part).

Please comment.
Almost All-natural treatment + only yesterday (anti carie (Fluoride)+anti plaque+anti inflammatory).

Good luck!

What are those red scars or scabs on your scalp? Did you intentionally damage your scalp to induce hair growth?

very thin small scars with pre and post scar ‘Sterilization’.
Caution: This should be done only under medical surveillance !

Good luck !

Thanks for sharing.

When you said successful iteration, you meant successful application of the topicals you are using? How did you define “success” ?

Hello Omar,

Please check the black/red circles for after results.

Omar, your review please ?


Also, the up-side-down technique (I forgot the website contributor, I do not see that web source anymore)

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