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AT 1 (Video) - Dr. A\'s Clinic


AT 1 (Video)- Number of session 1 Only- Dr. A’s Clinic.

This is result after only 1 session of ultra refined tricopigmentation/SMP.

AT 1 - Repair case - Tricopigmentation (Part-1) from Arvind poswal on Vimeo.


AT 1 (Video 2) - Repair case - Tricopigmentation + FUSE/fue grafts from beard + scalp

AT 1 - Repair case - Tricopigmentation (Part- 2) from Arvind poswal on Vimeo.


The 15 days pic looks good, how permanent is this? Does he need touch up every year or so ?


Dear YM,
From my personal experience, he may require a touch up after 18 months to 2 years. However, the exact timeline is difficult to predict. A lot also depends on external factors (UV exposure, acidic pH shampoos, chlorinated water swimming pools) as I have explained on the following link


We will keep forum readers posted on this result.

Dr. A