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Article on Dr. Christiano from last month

I think article rather talks about AA hair loss.

Did you read this part of the article?

Christiano’s work has the potential to touch lives beyond those of alopecia sufferers. In 1998, she was the first person to discover a gene for hair loss. She’s since partnered with cell biologist Colin Jahoda, of Durham University in England, to develop a technique that could revolutionize the treatment of male-pattern baldness. It consists of removing hair-follicle stem cells, culturing them in the lab and implanting the resulting hairs back into the scalp. Theoretically, the process could produce a limitless number of implantable hairs.

Unfortunately christiano’s work is far behind the great work the Japanese are doing.

Removing and multiplying hair follicle stem cells to culture them into follicles to finally implant back in the scalp hasnt worked as much as one expects. The japanese however are using different techniques to achieve a high consistent rate. The japanese will be the first to cross this finish line hopefully by next year.

Christiano’s research has been talked about for a long time but for all the attention she has received, there isn’t a single therapy available for the hair loss patient that she produced.

Exactly! Take her with a very light pinch of salt.

I agree. I think Dr. Christiano like Cotsarelis and Jahoda are rather academic researchers.

Their work is rather for future references than for final product.

Have you noticed most of all the great inventions where discovered by people with no advanced degrees. Maybe that is the reason there is no cure. We need a Bill Gates or a Steve Jobs. And it not just hairloss it is same with cancer. They write great articles but no real advancements.

This is not one of those cases. Christiano is not a pioneer in the same vein as jobs or edison which you are erroneously implying. Shes a researcher in a field in which the japanese are making strong headways. To juxtapose her to the great industry disruptors does them a huge disservice.

"Have you noticed most of all the great inventions where discovered by people with no advanced degrees. Maybe that is the reason there is no cure."

Yeah, I’m sure some part-time MLM salesman named Chuck living in his grandparents’ trailer in Missouri is gonna mix hydrogen peroxide and cat urine and discover a cure any day now…
Because that’s the American way, right? LOL!!!

That’s funny,good reply

Haha… exactly!

Cancer is a business. A cure for it wouldn’t help shareholder profits. And that is the name of the game when it comes to chronic/degenerative diseases. All the great inventions, internet for example, where created in the public sector,

Thats not true.

Isn’t it irrelevant now? Tsuji in Japan will likely be the first to introduce a cell based treatment that works, last I heard it’s going to happen this year , 2020 !!!