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Aromasin: Long Term use to Fight Gyno on Propecia


Anyone has any thoughts on this I started getting some Gyno symptoms after about 2 weeks @ .25mg Propecia went to a doctor and asked for some Aromasin (from my research the best AI on the human body)

He gave me the prescription although he didn’t know much about it though…

Anyone here have any input regarding using Aro for long term to prevent gyno?

ATM I am taking 12mg Aro for one week only to get rid of this bloat and high estrogen then I am going to cut down to 12mg twice a week only



Well, for one thing I’d advocate just doing whatever you can to improve your overall hormone levels aside from the drugs. Like try to limit estrogen and raise your free Testosterone (not just total test) levels. Dump as much body fat as you can, keep your red meat intake in moderation, etc.

I know this doesn’t sound like much great advice, but still, a major difference can affect your system as much as a decent medication effect. The meds + the traditional methods at the same time would be that much better.

With my own situation, I know there was a major improvement in my Fin tolerance when I lost a couple dozen pounds of fat last year. It wasn’t the primary reason I was trying to lose weight in the first place but it was a very nice side effect. I really hadn’t expected the hormone effects to feel that strong at all.

Guys on here are constantly complaining about their androgens because of the hair damage. But the fact is that most of us could probably do with less estro and more test overall. The result should be a system that can tolerate a little more DHT suppression without the bad sides.