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Are the major hair loss researchers exaggerating their progress?

I’m not making any accusations here, but ever since Dr. Gho and his notorious claims of success at hair multiplication, to Intercytex and Aderans, Follica, Dr. Cotsarelis (remember PGD2?), Samumed, now with Replicel, Shiseido and many others, we’ve seen nothing but claims going on for years – often spanning a decade or more. Periodically we hear of an amazing new discovery, only to find later that it takes 2 or 3 years for the researchers just to form a company, and once the company is founded, it sits around for years, issuing a lot of press releases, doing endless testing on mice, and occasionally sketchy or marginally successful small-scale human trials, with inconclusive results (where the success is sometimes exaggerated or spun well beyond the real results), but accomplishing basically nothing tangible in the way of actually regenerating any hair.

I’m not accusing anyone of being deliberately dishonest here, but are some of these researchers bending the facts, possibly to attract investment money, for discoveries, drugs and techniques that are far from mature?

Are they getting our hopes up way too high?

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It is all about the money. Most of these so called discoveries are nothing but fake news. Once they get the funding, they eventually vanish.

I am most interested with what happened with Cotsarelis’ supposed breakthrough. Unlike some, I think there will be a new drug in the next few years, not a silver bullet, but something that will help a good percentage of hair loss sufferers.

Hair loss Researchers are finding best treatment and medication. with that treatments you can see your hair growing very fast. In future, you can done hair transplant at affordable prices with best results.

They’re incentivized to produce a constant stream of funding, not produce results, or treatments. It’s a grift.

Which Cotsarelis breakthrough are you talking about? He was kicking out a new one about once a year for a while.

The breakthrough that had him on the Today show.

This? This is from 2011.

When they say “one company has already licensed” this discovery, they mean Follica. Eight years and nothing substantial from Follica. If they had anything real we’d all know about it by now.

I agree with most of your points here except that you forgot to add Ricken-Tsuji to the list.

Yes, they do seem to be playing the same game. The delay from 2019 to 2020 to start the human trials really has me worried. One delay could lead to more delays… and if they’re anything like Intercytex and Aderans, it surely will.

I really think its time to move on, I came to the realization that most of this is just pie in the sky and a cure cant possibly come in our lifetime, its just too complicated