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Anyone want to be in FOLLICA\'s trials? You can


More information - clinical testing
If you are interested in clinical testing if and when it is announced, please send an e-mail with your name and contact information to

The link is on their website…http://puretechventures.com/
That is the main page…you will have to navigate to follica’s page on the website.


Here they are “in the news”, http://www.puretechventures.com//Content/newsFull.asp?file=follicanewscoverage.asp&id=291&mainPage=news


no, I am not, but is nice to see the project rolling.
Maybe I was too negative when I saw Costarellis on the video you posted.
Basically, it was because Costarellis has been known for so many years… that I was already tired.


Personally, I don’t understand why they didn’t start human trials yet . I googled “Follica Human Trials” and I came across a recent post off another forum. Someone inquired when the trials were starting, and this is what they wrote back (maybe it’s just a different auto responder than the one you get from clinical.info@follicabio.com )

Thank you for your interest in Follica. We cannot anticipate precisely when this will be launched as a commercial product, nor have we announced any specific clinical trial plans at this time, though we hope to conduct initial testing in humans in Boston later this year. We look forward to announcing additional information as we progress. We know how much this means to so many people, and are focused on making it a medical reality. If you are interested in learning about the clinical trials if and when they are announced, please send an e-mail to clinical.info@follicabio.com I would also encourage you to visit www.follicabio.com periodically. We will announce any news there as we progress.