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Anyone tried MINOXIDIL 10%?


I have started the Minoxidil 10% from www.Alpixy.com, has anyone else started this treatment?
I’m on my first month, stopped my hair loss 6 months ago thanks to anti - inflammatory products
and dietary and lifestyle changes, now I’m working on growing back from the thinned parts.

What’s your favourite topical solution to grow hair?


No one should use 10% minoxidil without getting clearance from their doctor, it could cause your blood pressure to drop to a dangerously low level.


I agree. Also, it may burn transplanted grafts at 10% potency. That is a high percentage. Sometimes its not the percentage that matters, but the consistency in applying it.


10% minox is not new, Dr. Klein has been selling that for many years together with topical finasteride and other ingredients. It should help but don’t expect a miracle.