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Any Doctors able to help me?


Hi Guys,

I hope this is ok to post here? If not let me know.

I’ve posted a couple of times before on the forum, but have been one of the most active “lurkers” from 2004. I’m 28 from Ireland and had a Hair Transplant with Dr A when I was 22 to restore my hairline. Dr A was responsible and warned me of the possibility of future hair loss.

My Transplant was quite good. I took longer to heal than some people and am still left with a slight redness, which I assume is due to my very fair skin.

Well its over 5 years down the line and I have started to noticeably lose hair behind the transplanted area. I reckon I would need about 2000 FUE. Its got to the stage now where its really affecting my daily life. I have tried to shave it down but you can clearly see the transplanted area.

With the recent economic problems in Ireland, I lost my job earlier this year. I come from an IT background but there are no opportunities at the moment. I am currently working as a delivery driver. To cut to the chase, I’m offering my skills if there would be some kind hair transplant doctor that would supplement my surgery.

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I can offer these services for as long as you deem fit. Many SEO companies will charge up to $800 per month for these kind of services.

To be honest I have a lot of time on my hands as my social life has been affected greatly by the way my hair looks so I don’t go out all that often.:frowning: If any doctor out there wants to take advantage of these services, and really help me out at the same time, please let me know.


Brother I am sorry for your loss but why the f&*k did you do a hair transplant at age 22 ?? ANY hair doctor which does a hair transplant on a 22 year old is unethical. Even though Dr. A is considered an honest doctor, I really got to say he acted unethically in doing a transplant on such a young patient.

You should not do a hair transplant until you are at least 35 or above. And definately not a strip transplant, only FUE.

I suggest you get on finasteride asap to hold the line so to speak until you can evaluate all options. I wonder if removing those transplants might be a better option to get an honest bald head rather than getting even more transplants ?

Before you make things worse, stop and evaluate the situation - and start saving up bit by bit.

This is one reason I don’t want to get a transplant and continue to rely on meds.


Hi Freddie,

I had actually turned 23 when I had the Hair Transplant. (just went back and checked my emails from that time) Dr A explained everything for me and my hair loss seemed to have stabilised. I had an FUE procedure

I was young and hated looking like a 40 year old due to the hair loss. I told no one and travelled thousands of miles to India by myself to get it done. It was incredibly daunting.

Again, DR A, was very professional and I would recommend him as a doctor.

I am saving up as well. Im putting aside 100 euro per month, but at that rate it looks like its going to be about 6 or 7 years before i could get my problem sorted. The thought of that fills me with dread. Its consuming my life as it is. I’m on propecia.

With toppik, i can just about get away with it.

Im not asking for charity from anyone or any of the doctors. Through experience and training, i can offer services that most websites out there pay thousands of dollars per year for. So im hoping that some doctors out there will take advantage of my offer and help me at the same time.


It makes me sad to read your story brother - and its astounding the lenghts you have gone to for your hair. Hell I’d go to the ends of the earth myself if there was some guarantee of a full head of hair forever.

22 or 23, regardless - that is simply TOO young and any doctor doing transplants on such a young man needs to be horse whipped.

Did you take propecia after your transplant continuously? Did it fall out despite that?

Are you sure you are not able to shave it down or buzz it down ? And are you sure you want to board the hair transplant treadmill because once you are on, there’s no getting off.

The only saving grace I can see at this point is you do not have a strip transplant. That means all hope is not lost. Stay away from strips like the plague.

Could you post a picture of your head/hair - without toppick? It might be a good idea at this stage to evaluate all options before jumping into another transplant.

I’m suffering too with this f&&&ed up condition so you are not alone. I’ve not had a transplant ever however and lived with this since it struck me in my early 20s. I’ve cut my hair real short and it looks crappy. But its an honest head at least. I think you will find in time that an honest head is just about the only thing we can live with.

I’d like to say I’d pray for you. But I don’t think there’s a god up there that gives a crap.


can you upload some pics ?