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Any BHT clinics in U.S. besides Dr Umar


Any other clinics that do a lot BHT work besides Umar?


Dr. Cole in Atlanta , he was probably the first in the US to perform BHT on a regular basis.


Had a consult, but Im not sure what to think. His consultant seems to waiver back and forth in what Dr Cole wants to do and it makes me feel Dr Cole is not to confident with BHT. Maybe consultant is newer? I had 2 procedure with Dr Cole years ago and for some reason second one in 2006 most hairs didnt take and lot shock loss.

I had procedures with lot good docs from poat above, but lack luster results from photos above.

Dr. Cole most expensive Ive come across as well. If his consultant presented a solid game plan I would see Cole.

Im not sure how Dr Epstien work is ? But see he does BHT as well.

I woyld consider Dr Umar , but told his BHT results dont look that natural although he gets alot of coverage and his instruments are the best?

So reason why Im here asking around who can help.



Hi Walt21, i will advise you to make a free consultation with no obligation first:

The Forhair clinic led by Dr. Cole is the most experienced clinic doing BHT, here are a few cases:


good Dr Cole, when i did world’s first beard to scalp transplant in 2006 , I made sure to document it so the white west does not later highjack it and claim it to be their own invention
Anyways welcome once again. You can see how we did almost 7000 grafts from beard… in 2006 on argentine in our gallery
Dr A


Do you not know who taught Dr Umar?


http://fusehair.com/portfolio-posts/sub-gallery-argentine/ in 2006


Wait what just happened? Dr. Arvind, are you the discoverer of Body hair Transplantation?


I saw it play out on this very site a decade or so ago, you showed Dr. Umar how you performed BHT/FUE , Dr. Umar didn’t think that was the best way to do BHT/FUE so he abandoned your technique and went on to develop his own technique using his own instruments.


The first documented body hair transplants took place as early as 1929 by Dr. Okuda from Japan, using punches of his own design ranging in sizes of 1mm to 4mm. He wrote the first paper that was published about the subject in 1939 about his efforts, successes, failures and the various experiments he attempted. To date, his level of detail for documenting his results, I believe nearly 200 or so, is among the most detailed hair transplant surgery notes in history so it wasn’t just a few notes scribbled down two or three times. It was real science.

It was Dr. Woods however that was the first “modern” doctor to perform body hair transplantation of any kind. I’m sure he did so before, but his patient “Timetested” is I believe the first documented case of BHT since Okuda, and it was an incredible success. Oh yeah, he is also the inventor of “modern” FUE as well, in case anyone forgot. I feel compelled to remind everyone of this, or to inform those that don’t know, because this business is fraught with those that would rewrite history to their benefit, and it’s been tried before. The real history of hair transplant surgery, and more specifically FUE, is documented on my website.

sigh, I’ve been in this biz for too long!


Results speak louder than words.
That is why we can take hair from even eyebrow without leaving scars.
As for what a person says…we have no control.
Advances keep happening as we too have advanced since 2005 when Dr Umar visited us in India and we and Dr Arvind are proud that instead of coming all the way to India the same techniques, instrumentation are now available in USA.
Once again…results speak for themselves.


In today’s marketing world, you will not find most top-line doctors admit to having learnt.
However, it is on Dr. A’s insistence, that Dr. Okuda’s papers were given credit. (proof will be available in last week of May 2018).

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Are you a spam poster?
We just checked out your site.
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