Anti-aging protein reverses hair loss, improves stamina in mice

As always, everything works miracles on mice. But it’s going to be tested in humans.

And I think this is a different research (but not really sure):

Yeah it doesn’t count unless these are human trials. We now know that the results do not translate to humans that easily.
How hard would it be to get this peptide? This is a great discovery if nothing else for your health.

@superhl that link is broken…

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I wonder if we could get some black-market company to make it. There are blackmaket companies making hair loss drugs like RU58841 so I wonder if we could get one to make this stuff.

Isn’t the incentive for black market companies to sell fake products? I mean, nobody is going to sue them…

@jarjarbinx’s (factitious) contribution and roger_that’s response:

Never use black market products. Hair restoration is in a constant state of innovation right now. However, black market means no oversight. A krokodil cook is still using a chemistry. Legitimate MDs would almost always keep their license over working with unnecessarily dangerous products. PRP + ACell, for instance, both encourages hair growth and retention for up to several years.

As for the article, seems interesting. Maybe it will lead to something.