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Another Sad Story

I hate reading these stories…

Reality bites!

Too bad, we see them almost every week in the clinic for repair. it is sad that in 2014 such bad work is still done by clinics.

They should disclose the name of the doctor who butchered him.

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by reiner[/postedby]
They should disclose the name of the doctor who butchered him.[/quote]

They never do, even though they know that information could help countless patients via a simple internet search.

It’s unethical but EVERY DOCTOR, CLINIC, PATIENT ADVOCATE :slight_smile: DOES IT and they even have the hide to blame patients for not doing enough research !

Oh please, this guy could be fixed in one pass. If he thinks his situation is bad he should spend more time reading horror stories on the internet.

On second thought, if he had of done his due diligence on the internet he might not be faced with his easily repairable situation.

And he paid only 7000 Euros for six surgeries? No wonder he got such a crappy result.

I wonder if he went to the same doctor all 6 times, it’s one thing not doing his research or due diligence, but if he kept going back to the same doctor not once, not twice but SIX TIMES, then I don’t know what he was thinking!

I hope his recipient area isn’t scarred as well. We see a little bit of everything here at Dr. Cole’s office… Lots of wide strip scars.

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