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Announcement of new product Nanominox by sinere.com

We proudly announce our new products :





They are an innovative novelty on the world market of hair tonics.
They use ethosomes as a new carrier system, which increases the transport of active substances to the deeper layers of the skin dramatically. Ethosomes are superior to usual hydroalcoholic mixtures (water + alcohol) and also to conventional liposomal products.
In addition, unlike conventional liposomal products, our ethosomal product is liquid and therefore also applicable to haired scalp. Furthermore the product is comparatively cheap.
Also ingredients like cepharanthine and minoxidil sulfate are remarkable.
Nanominox contains less than 30% alcohol and no Propylene Glycol (PG) or PPG, which makes it more skin-friendly than conventional hydroalcoholic minoxidil mixtures, which usually contain about 30%v/v alcohol and 50%v/v Propylene Glycol (PG). Especially PG causes allergies in some people.
Please visit our page and learn more about our new products.
Ordering is possible by PayPal at the moment. Payment by credit card, bank transfer and cash on delivery will be added in November.
Additional new products will be released soon.


You can email us for further informations :
Questions concerning
administration, payment, shipping : logistics@sinere.com
product, use : advisor@sinere.com

…and, it’s “applicable to haired skalp”

» …and, it’s “applicable to haired skalp”

scalp of course :slight_smile:

We are convinced that we have the best Minoxidil topical on the market at the moment and we want to increase the degree of popularity of our products by this publicity campaign :

1 bottle of Nanominox for free (also free shipping to all countries) for every forum member who wants to try it as long as there are bottles left from the batch, which we will produce freshly for this campaign (about 50 bottles). We are positive about our products and we don`t fear the evaluation by the experts of the forums around the world. Of course all sinere customers who already bought Nanominox can get their free bottle, too. If you are interested, send us an email to sales@sinere.com For informations on Nanominox, visit http://www.sinere.com

It seems your product might trail some others on the market: though the vehicle may indeed be better than classical alcohol, your minox is only 1%!!!
I apply a 15% solution 2wice daily. How can you press your case in this respect?

I sent you an email as im interested in the free bottle…my email address is bocor25@hushmail.com thx

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