An interesting thing happened to me recently

I’m almost 54 years old. I started losing my hair in my late twenties in a diffused pattern. I’m at the point now where I have the “rim” of hair around my head with very thin hair on top at about a norwood 6. I’ve been lurking around hairloss sites (and news groups before even the web) for a very long time hoping to hear some news about treatments and ultimately a cure. I’m sure most people around my age are as disappointed as I am with the progress. While I’m still hopeful, it’s painful to think that all we really still have is the weak minox and fin (been there, done that long ago). That’s my brief story about my hairloss struggle.

Anyhow, a strange thing happened to me this week. I went to my hairdresser last Saturday who I’ve been going to for 14 years to get my hair dyed and cut. I’ve been getting my hair dyed for about 12 years. Same routine: cut first, then dyed, then rince, then styled. Every now and then, my hairdresser puts an oil around my hairline so that it will be easy to wipe off any dye stains from my skin after rinsing my hair. This time I noticed that she put quite a bit more on and around my forehead (she puts it on my neck and sides as well). After she rinced my hair, she did what she always does after rinsing out the excess dye: she takes a rough textured regular bath towel and kind of wipes around the hairline, sides, and neck to wipe off the dye stains. I noticed this time, that she really kind of scraped hard to get some dye stains off, and where she did it was in the same spot where she added that oil stuff on my front hairline. She scraped so hard that it actually kind of hurt, like using sandpaper. Like I said, the towel wasn’t very soft.

Anyway, a couple days ago, I was just kind of rubbing my forehead in that same spot and noticed something that felt like beard stubble. I didn’t really think much of it until today. I mean, this is a spot on my forehead where I haven’t had hair for many years. Today I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I have several new hairs cropping up in that very spot! I mean, they aren’t just those really thin vellus hairs, they are just as thick as my side hairs. Like I said, it feels like beard stubble. Does anyone have an explanation for this? Why after all these years of balding am I seeing regrowth? Maybe I’ll take a picture and post it so you all can see. But I’m not sure if my phone can take a close enough picture.

Ask forum member ‘roger_that’ to explain it.

He writes long paragraphs explaining how I’m an unscientific moron for saying this phenomenon is real.


What is the phenomenom? Are you talking about the wounding thing? Well I didn’t really get wounded (no blood, no scratch). It was just like you would think if you used your finger to press hard with a towel and wipe. I’m wondering if there’s more to it than that. Like maybe the oil helped in some way. I’m going to ask my hairdressing about the oil the next time I get a cut. Btw, the new hair is still growing. So strange!