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An interesting new treatment in Europe

If you live in Europe you might want to investigate this treatment further. One problem I see with it right off the bat is that they don’t appear to be culturing more of the cells they’re using. And if they don’t make more of the cells then the treatment seems limited right off the bat. Only the top hair loss researchers are making progress with culturing the cells to make more of them, and I don’t think those techniques for successful culturing of hair cells are in the marketplace yet.

Is look like a copy of stupid prp.

It does NOT look like a copy of PRP.

They’re not harvesting anything from the blood as they do with PRP. They’re getting the cells from the follicles. It looks like they’re just harvesting cells from the area where hairs are strong and then injecting those cells back into areas where hair is weak, without culturing them to increase their numbers.

Hi Jarjarbinx, i mean that doesen`t work like PRP :slight_smile:

Have you looked into it?

I ask because the pics do seem to show a little regrowth AND injecting hair cells from strong strong follicles into areas with weak follicles does seem like it might yield a little benefit, as long as you don’t culture the cells first.

The reason you can’t culture the cells first is because a solution to the inductivity problem isn’t in the marketplace yet. So by culturing the cells you would ruin the ones you got from the strong follicles and the copies of the cells from strong follicles would turn into skin when they’re injected into patients. All would be useless.

But if you inject cells from strong follicles directly into areas with weak follicles without culturing them it does seem like those cells might help those weak follicles a little because those cells are already programmed to be hair cells instead of skin cells.

I don`t believe anymore to this kind of inventions, is look like they change the name but the result are always the same, zero hairs…

It’s not the same kind of invention as PRP. If it was I wouldn’t be dragging out this discussion. This new invention is ALMOST exactly what we’re looking for in the sense that they (1) extract follicles from the areas of healthy hair on your head. (2) extract the appropriate hair cells from those healthy follicles. (3) They inject those cells into the areas of unhealthy hairs on you scalp.

Except for one thing, what they’re doing is exactly what we all are waiting for. The only thing they would have to do in order for the treatment to be what we want is to culture the cells to create more of them. And the cells they’re injecting into the areas with weak follicles could help the follicles in the weak area a little bit even without being cultured. The main question is that since there aren’t many of them since they aren’t cultured are they injecting enough cells to make any difference?

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Looks like something different and better than PRP because they’re using HF stem cells (PRP only uses centrifuged platelets - clotting cells, which have no direct role in growing hair), but it is probably useful only for preserving existing follicles, or possibly reviving a small percentage of miniaturized ones, rather than growing new follicles.

Let’s face it, the ONLY way to reliably grow new follicles is some treatment like the ones being developed by Stemson and Tsuji. They are actually deliberately creating new follicles FIRST, and then implanting them into the scalp, rather than injecting some cell suspension into the skin and just crossing their fingers and hoping something will grow.