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Alvi Armani Clinic - 17,351 grafts transplanted with pics

Hello everyone,

Those who have been on the forums for years know my postings and that I have worked for the Alvi Armani Clinic for over 12 years now. I just wanted to share my case and story on here.

I just had an fue procedure with Dr. Baubac three weeks ago… I have now had 17,351 grafts transplanted all with Alvi Armani over 8 procedures. 5 of the procedures were with Dr. Baubac. 4,000 grafts were strip and 13,351 grafts are fue.

Here is my procedure history - all procedures with the Alvi Armani Clinic

2007: 4,000 strip

2008: 2,400 grafts fue

2009: 2,316 grafts fue

2010: 2,064 grafts fue

2013: 2,121 grafts fue

2015: 1,437 grafts fue + prp

2016: 1,820 grafst fue + prp

2020: 1,193 grafts fue + prp

Total 17,351 grafts total (13,351 fue)

Do I have the most grafts on the planet? It’ quite possible I am up there.

3 weeks ago I had 1,193 grafts fue + prp with Dr. Baubac.

Prior to my procedure 3 weeks ago I was at 16,158 grafts transplanted. So I took some quick photos this morning after my morning wash. What these photos below represents is 16,158 grafts all growing out of the scalp very short. The hair on top from front to back, the hairline, the mid scalp, the crown, EVERYTHING is ALL 100% transplanted hair and grafts transplanted at very high density.

I just wanted to share because, well how often do you get to see 16,000 grafts growing out of the scalp so short? How often do you see anyone who has had 16,000 grafts??

The grafts and transplanted hair looks super natural. To be honest it still stuns me to this day how amazing it looks when I see it, and its my own head! Even though I have gone through it, gone through all the procedures - it still amazes me how wonderful it’s all turned out.

I honestly should be a NW6, yet here I am in my mid 40’s with an amazing and full head of hair from front to back.

Now look, I am not here to sell my clinic, or to tell you to come to my clinic, or to tell you that everyone has this many grafts available - because most do not. I was blessed with a very thick donor region that has allowed me to get this many grafts. And I also know that not everyone can afford this many grafts. I have been lucky enough to work for a great clinic and a wonderful, highly skilled and very compassionate doctor in Dr. Baubac who does this for me.

What I did want to simply say to everyone is, there is hope for people out there. Hair loss is an emotional thing. It was for me… But, there is hope for people to have their entire head of hair restored from front to back, for it to look natural, full, dense and amazing. If you choose a TOP clinic and a TOP doctor, you do your research and you are willing to put the time in to possibly have multiple procedures and go through the journey like I have. When I had my first procedure back in 2007 with Dr. Armani I never imagined I would be sitting here today in 2020 having had 17,351 grafts transplanted and having the head of hair that I do.

Don’t give up people, if you want something bad enough, you will find a way, there is a solution out there for every problem.

I just wanted to share what CAN be done, the science is there, the field is evolving and the TOP TOP TOP clinics do great work.

Photos below - what you see here below in these pics is 16,158 transplanted grafts all growing out of my scalp very short. (my latest 1,193 grafts are obviously not growing out here in these pics as they were just transplanted 3 weeks ago). So these pics are 16,158 transplanted grafts all growing out The hair on top from front to back, hairline to crown is ALL 100% transplanted hair and grafts transplanted at very high density.

As the grafts continue to grow out and the hair gets longer they all layer on top of each other and shingle and create such a high density that when it’s all grown out it’s so thick I can barely get a comb through it. I have dark black hair and real pale skin yet when its grown out you cant see any scalp front to back. Its fantastic.

Also - the hair is wet in the photos because I just got done a morning wash - so its a little clumped together - but you get the idea :slight_smile:

Damn… 8 visits to the hair clinic? Dont you think thats too obsessive dude? It looks good and all. But how much was it overall?

Cost, downtime, visits to the clinic, and going back to work were not issues for me, I work for the clinic and am there every day.

Would love to see that hair grown out.

I’d like to see what the donor looks like after 17,000 grafts were removed.

You mean before he got his 1st transplant. Me too!

Before his first transplant and now.

Googled that for you fordham https://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss/board_entry-id-56266.html

This is My donor region AFTER 16,158 grafts transplanted / harvested, this pic was taken BEFORE my latest 1,193 graft procedure. Pic was taken in DEC 2019.

The area we addressed in this last procedure was the very very back of my crown circled in red.

So this donor Pic was taken in DEC 2019 and represents after 16,158 grafts harvested.

The area we addressed in this last procedure three weeks ago was the very very back of my crown circled in red.

but really, I wasn’t posting to show and contrast my donor and all that, even though I know everyone is interested etc… I just wanted to share what 16,000 grafts transplanted looks like all very short just coming out of my scalp at high density. My before pics were taken in 2005, 15 years ago, I lost all the rest of what I had over the last 15 years. At this point everything is all transplanted. I am happy with the donor and thrilled with my results

you would probably be slick bald by now without these procedures.

Yes I believe I would be

16,000 grafts growing in - all 100% transplanted hair up top. This is at about 6 weeks - as it gets longer it gets thicker - pretty happy! from a nw5 / 6 to a NW1

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