Also looking for some Avodart

I recently posted looking for some ru58841 in order to combat my oily skin and acne. However, it was also recently brought to light that Avodart could be effective since it would effect both reductase enzymes and that it is absorbable through the skin. While ideally ru58841 would be better since it doesn’t seem to cause any systemic effects, it is also hard to obtain and its quality and shelf life seem to be quite questionable. I was thinking about making a topical with Avodart in a typical vehicle consisting of water, alcohol and ppg. Since this drug is so potent, I would imagine one wouldn’t need that much if applying it topically. I was thinking anywhere from 1 to 4 pills in a 100 ml solution should be good place to start off, and then adjust the dose accordingly. My biggest fear is obviously there will probably be some systemic side effects, so the goal would be to find just the right dose where oil would be controlled but systemic absorption would be negligible if that is possible. I don’t have a prescription for this since I don’t suffer from prostate of hairloss issues. I am looking for someone who could possibly give/sell me a few pills. It wouldn’t be many, somewhere between 2-5 just to make a test batch and try different doses over the course of a few months of application. Feel free to reply with suggestions or email at

Just curious what solution are you going to use to dissolve the avodart capsule? Alcohol?

» Just curious what solution are you going to use to dissolve the avodart
» capsule? Alcohol?

Yeah, probably alcohol water and ppg unless someone suggests otherwise.

I think this was posted before, but you need to find out if the Avodart gel inside the capsule is soluble in water. I’ll see if I can locate the post.

If all you need is a few capsules, I might be able to help you out. Email me.