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Advice on supplements


Hi - I’m new to this site. I’m trying to figure out my strategy to manage my hair loss situation. I would like your advice on coming up with an approach that works for me. I’ve made a similar post to the Topicals forum, so if you’ve responded that, please disregard this post.

I’m 32, east indian and am on the hairy side with my body hair. I have hair loss across the top. Im trying to figure out a strategy to manage my hair loss.

having gone through this site, it seems that people have multiple approaches including

  • DHT Inhibition
  • Managing Inflamation

Im considering an approach that includes topicals as well as supplements
Im considering Propecia and Rogaine to inhibit DHT and want to figure out what else I should add to the ‘mix’ based on other peoples experiences.

here are my questions that will allow me to tailor an approach for myself. I realize that some of this is hit and try.

  • Are there any other considerations besides DHT Inhibition and Inflamation that i should be considering?

  • A combination of curcumin/resveratrol/toco seem to be popular. What purpose does it serve and what experiences have you had with it?

  • Would you recommend Saw Palmetto?

  • Any products that are mentioned in these forums that you’d advise me to stay from?

  • Any other advice I should consider?

It seems that many of you are half-docs and can probably write a book on hair loss. Whats encouraging is that many of you found success. Hopefully i can pick up a few tips…

thanks in advance for your help.